Gripping Technology

Regardless of the workpiece size and weight, we develop grippers for all foundry automation tasks.

These products range from the simple sprue gripper to contour grippers and combination grippers for insertion and removal.

Our product line also includes hydraulic grippers and vacuum grippers.

Extraction and Handling Robots

Robots from all manufacturers (t.ex. ABB, Fanuc, KUKA, Kawasaki) can be used. The robots are equiped with our installation kit and our gripper. We also offer the respective control, installation and programming specifically for the diecast part.


Loading Robots for Forging Presses

Our equipment for loading robots for forging presses is suitable for workpieces with up to 500kg weight and up to 350°C temperature. The handling gripper is equipped with a hydraulic aggregate, the installation kit is specially designed for forging processes.


Traversing Axis

We develop traversing axes to maximize the work areas of the extraction and handling robots. The axes are always specially tailored to the cell layout for optimized robot range and flexibility.


Linear Units for Insertion, Extraction and Handling of Die Cast Parts

Our extraction and handling portals are adapted to the dimensions of the casting cell.

Combined with robots on the horizontal axis of the linear units, a greater reach and flexibility can be achieved.



Bushing grippers, structural part removal grippers, insertion grippers, biscuit removal grippers... we develop gripper solutions for all handling purposes in the die cast process.


Sand cores and casting filters are inserted into the casting mould with our combi grippers. The die cast parts are extracted in the same step.

Filters can be made of fiberglass or metal.