Spraying Technology

Wetting the surface of the die with relase agent is crucial for the production of high-quality die-cast parts. The film of release aget will:

  • Facilitate the release of the casting
  • Increase service life of die cast form
  • Improve part quality
  • Für Prozesssicherheit sorgen
  • Cool the surface, especially on exposed areas such as thin cores and pins
  • Ensure proper functioning of slides and ejectors

We offer customized solutions for all applications: optimized spray tools, installation kits for robots or spraying machines and release agent supply systems.

Spray Tools

To ensure the best possible performance, Böhmer spray tools are custom desinged to suit the application in terms of dimensions, number of spray circuits, and quantity and arrangement of spray nozzles. Focussing on the individual requirements of our customers allows us to optimize the spray process, effectively reducing  release agent consumption and cycle time

Designing our spray tools based on the simulation of the spraying process does considerably shorten commissioning and optimization times on site.

Spray Tools

Spray Heads

High pressure spraying for efficient form cooling, micro spraying for optimum coating or spraying minimal defined amounts of release agent: Maschinenbau Böhmer offers a flexible selection of spray heads for all applications.

Spray Heads

Spraying Machines and Robots

We offer complete robotic spraying systems regardless of the robot manufacturer (e.g. ABB, FANUC, KUKA). Our range of services includes robots, spraying tools and controls, in addition to the commissioning and component-specific programming.

Spraying Machines

Release Agent Mixing and Dosing

Release agents prevent die-cast parts from sticking to the die cast form. The most common types of release agent are water-based cooling lubricants. Maschinenbau Böhmer's release agent mixing systems and spray controls guarantee reliable mixing ratios.
Our experienced application engineers optimize the release agent application for your specific process.

Release Agent Supply Systems