Shot Plunger Lubrication

The correct lubrication of the shot plunger is essential for smoothly filling the form. The lubrication does also reduce energy consumption, increase the service life of plunger and casting chamber.

Our shot plunger lubrcation system, consisting of a spray tool and a supply station, is ideal to apply piston lubrcants with a high solid content.



Spray Tool for Piston Lubrication

Our spray tools for shot plunger lubrcation consist of a material pressure vessel and our spray heads with cleaning needle. This cleaning needle penetrates the nozzle orifice during each closing stroke, thus ensuring reliable operation even with nozzle diameters of less than 1 mm and even when using graphite lubricants.

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Supply Station for Piston Lubricants

The supply station consists of a stainless steel pressure vessel, pressure regulator and filling level sensor.
In order to achieve a uniform coating here, the piston lubricant is applied at low pressure and supplemented with atomisation.

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