Measuring Technology

A comprehensive range of measuring equiment and qualified personnel guarantee our quality control.

We conduct tactile and/or optical measuring, 3D-measuring or testing deviations of form in our measuring room or at your location.

Measuring Room

Our air-conditioned measurement room is accessible for crane loading. The climate controlled chamber which can be pressurized provides a stable environment for measurements.


3D Coordinate Measurement

We use our gantry coordinate measurement machine for precise 3D CNC measurements of machine parts and components.

CAD-based target-actual comparisons can be made in with a repeat accuracyof 0.0023mm on a measuring area of 1200x2000x1000mm (X/Y/Z) 




Prior to any retrofit, we use our mobile laser measurement system us to analyze the location, simulate the situation and provide an accurate quotation.

We also use mobile laser measurement to exactly position our machines and equipment. 


Questions about Measurement Services

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