Release Agent Supply

The line of release agent mixing systems ranges from single stations to complete central-mixing plants with a capacity of up to 10,000 litres / hour.

All release agent mixing systems are custom-designed to meet your needs and are realised with the use of proven components.

Mixing Station for Single Supply

  • Up to 2 release agent mixtures from one concentrate
  • Mixing ratios adjustable from 1:0 (=no water added) to 1:999
  • Compressed air maintenance unit with proportional pressure control
  • Release agent quantity recording

Release Agent Mixing Station "Kompakt"

The mobile mixing station "Kompakt" is the newest addition in our release agent mixing station range of products.

Although it requires a considerably smaller floor space, it offers features just as the "big ones": The water-release agent mixing ratio can easily be set and adjusted via the PLC. Volume sensors for water and release agent concentrate permanently monitor the mixing ratio.




Spray Controls

The logical extension of the mixing plant is the spray control. The spray media are purified by maintenance-free filters, while the operating pressure is regulated by proportional valves. A quantity monitor provides data on the consumption of release agent per component and signals any deviations.
Through the integration of a frequency-controlled centrifugal pump, new concepts for the application of release agent are made accessible. Not only can an absolutely consistent release agent pressure be achieved independent of the central supply system, but also pressure increases of up to 25 bar are possible. This way, the release agent can be circulated at low pressure in the loop until needed, upon which high pressure is generated only for the brief amount of time needed to apply the release agent. The spraying process is documented for absolute repeat accuracy and logged continuously in a database if necessary.

Media Control Cabinets

Media control cabinet for connection of all media required for the spraying process and for setting the spraying parameters.