Spray Tools

Maschinenbau Böhmer's spray tools are always tailored to the die-casting mould and to the application. Based on the mould data, a simulation, projecting the spray cones onto the mould surface is generated. The simulation helps to determine the optimum number, angle and spacing of the spray heads.
For quick and cost efficient design and manufacturing, we rely on our highly flexible modular spray system.

Spray Tools for Lightweight Cast Components

Reducing vehicle weight is a crucial factor in reducing the fuel consumption of vehicles with a conventional combustion engine or to extend the range of electric vehicles. The goal is to make the vehicle body lighter while at the same time meeting the increasing requirements concerning corrosion resistance, stability and geometry of the components. Here the advantages of die-cast aluminum for structural components, cross members and subframes come into play. Our micro spraying or hybrid spray tools for structural die cast components optimize the application of release agent while reducing cycle times.


Spray Tools for Cast Components for E-Vehicles

Vehicles with electric drive tend to have considerably fewer cast components compared with vehicles with combustion engine.

However, there are some new applications for cast components, such as battery cases or housings for electric motors.


Spray Tools for Engine Blocks

Nowadays aluminum is the standard material for die cast cylinder blocks. Compared to iron castings weight savings ranging from 40 to 55% were made feasible. From the start Maschinenbau Böhmer has accompanied this development with tailored spray tools.


Spray Tools for Powertrain Cast Components

Minimizing fuel consumption and reducing emissions are important goals regardless of the drive concept.

Our spray tools ensure process reliability when casting clutch and gearbox housings.


Compact Spray Tools

We also manufacture particularly light and compact spray tools for die casting machines under 1000 t. Adapters for third-party systems can be integrated directly into the spray tool.